Friday, February 11, 2011

Submit your stories here

The Book of Fascination blog is the place for writers to submit their short stories or articles on a subject that they hold a close fascination with. We are looking for up to 30 writers to submit their 5000 word or fewer articles.
So what fascinates you the most? Pate, Picasso, Paris, Pelican's, Plato, Port, Pyromania? Whatever it is you have to love it, you have to know it inside out, you have to be fascinated enough by it so much you just have to write about it.
The Book of Fascination will be a very high quality production; it may take on extend mediums, such as a website, a Facebook site, or even on Twitter; your fascination in 140 characters. The best 20 to 30 submissions will be chosen for publication. We will add the best ones submitted to this blog. We will talk to you about how this book will be funded, designed and distributed.